MOODY Wax Melts Box (For Fawaha)

LE 264.00 EGP

Style: Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee
Cozy Night
We're Baking
Romantic Dinner
Sunset Meditation

Coconut Soy Wax Melts Box contains 6 cubes each burn for around 40 minutes.

I'm used as a fragrance for Fawaha/ Oil burner as a substitute for oil, you just put 1 wax melt cube or more (break me with your hand) in the place of oil in the Fawaha & light the tea candle under it, after 10 minutes I will melt & fill the space with my fragrance. You can leave me without being finished in Fawaha & re-use later, I'll just solidify until you melt me again.

Choose the Mood that you want with our 5 MOODY Scented Candles:

- Morning Coffee: Toffee Nut Latte Scents... Smell the morning coffee's sweet scent!

- Sunset Meditation: Bergamot, Fig & Patchouli Scents... Meditate with this relaxing scent!

- Cozy Nights: Hazelnut Hot Chocolate Scents... Watch a movie & smell the warmth of Hazelnut Hot Chocolate!

- Romantic Dinner: Blueberry, Vanilla& Coconut Scents... Smell the romance all over the place!

- We're Baking: Vanilla, Cinnamon & Orange... Your neighbours will knock on your door to taste your orange vanilla cake!

Coconut Soy Wax Benefits:

- Clean & smooth Burning: produce the cleanest & unharmful flame with a smooth finish unlike other low-quality candle materials

- Long Lasting: they're slower burning than any other candle type

- Stronger Scent 


    You can re-use me if not finished. If you can add a few drops of water on me you feel that my scent is very strong & it will lengthen my burning time as well.

Additional Information

Morning Coffee, Cozy Night, We're Baking, Romantic Dinner, Sunset Meditation