Chef May Signature Serving Spoons ( Brass )

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Size: Set of 4 / Brass / All

Set of 4 / Brass / All
Oval Spoon / Brass
Flat / Brass
Fork / Brass
Deep / Brass

Elegant and timeless brass serving spoons with four different shapes.

Designed by Chef May Yacoubi.

* All products are handmade by from natural materials and may vary from the picture 

It comes in four shapes (Flat, Oval, Deep, And Fork ) And a Brass color. 


Deep 35 cm (Length) x 10 cm (Diameter)

Oval 31 cm (Length) x 10 cm (Diameter)

Flat 33 cm (Length) x 9.5 cm (Diameter)

Fork 33 cm (Length) x 9.5 cm (Diameter)


Product Care:

-Not dishwasher safe

– Hand wash with gentle detergent, dry immediately with soft fabric.

– Do Not leave standing water

– To prevent stains, remove all food, especially with an acidic base after use.

– Do Not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or scouring pads that can scratch and dull surfaces.

– as with all metals, never place in microwave oven.

Proudly Made in Egypt

Additional Information

Set of 4 / Brass / All, Oval Spoon / Brass, Flat / Brass, Fork / Brass, Deep / Brass