Cage Elegance Side Table

LE 6,300.00 EGP LE 4,999.00 EGP

Meet the Nest Haven Side Table – a unique blend of contemporary design and practical elegance. This innovative piece adapts seamlessly to the fast-paced dynamics of modern life, offering both space-saving solutions and multifunctionality. More than just a piece of furniture, the Nest Haven transforms your living spaces into a reflection of your lifestyle.

Crafted from solid materials with a warm, natural texture, this side table brings an inviting ambiance to your home. The sleek, columnar design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures sturdy functionality. Embrace the perfect balance of aesthetics and practicality with the Nest Haven Side Table, where elegance meets everyday utility.

  • Dimensions: 45 cm diameter | Height 45 cm 
  • Material: Solid, natural-textured wood
  • Features: Space-saving design, multifunctional use, elegant columnar structure
  • Perfect for: Living rooms, bedrooms, or any modern living space