Couple’s Harmony: Nested Cutting Boards Set

LE 2,400.00 EGP LE 1,558.80 EGP

 Discover the perfect blend of elegance and practicality with the Couple’s Harmony Nested Cutting Boards Set, crafted from exquisite Acacia wood. Designed for couples who cherish cooking together, this set offers a seamless combination of functionality and style, making meal preparation a delightful experience.

The set includes two beautifully nested cutting boards, each meticulously crafted from durable and richly-grained Acacia wood. Known for its strength and natural resistance to moisture, Acacia wood ensures these cutting boards will remain a staple in your kitchen for years to come.

  • Dimensions: Small : 20cm x 40 cm | Big: 50cm x 27 cm 
  • Material: Premium Acacia wood
  • Features: Nested design for cutting board, smooth finish for effortless cutting, naturally antibacterial
  • Perfect for: Slicing, dicing, chopping, and serving